Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn !

20 years. Caroline. France. Once upon a time. The Big Bang Theory. Supernatural. How I met Your mother. New Girl. Sherlock. Lords Of the Ring. Star Wars. Star Trek. Doctor Who. Benedict Cumberbatch. Avengers. Tom Hiddleston. Downton Abbey. Harry Potter. Old Hollywood. Disney. Food. And many other things...


the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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me: *owns 264 unread books*
me: *buys 17 new books*
me: *rereads harry potter*
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The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet (August 25, 2014)

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Game of Thrones Parody sung at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. (x)

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Andy Samberg and Lena Headey on stage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

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this is what happened right

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Wow Disney Channel has really expanded its dialogue.

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